9 March 2024 10am-5pm

10 March 2024 10am - 4pm

York Racecourse, Knavesmire Road, York YO23 1EX

9 March 2024 10am-5pm

10 March 2024 10am - 4pm

York Racecourse, Knavesmire Road, York YO23 1EX

Demos and Talks

Throughout the weekend we will feature a number of informal sessions where some of our exhibitors demonstrate techniques of importance in their work.

The demonstrations take place right in the centre of the exhibition space and are included with your ticket – no need to book.

Saturday 9 March

11:30 - Ben Brierley

Ben will demonstrate throwing various shapes on the wheel and  assembling these component parts into composite gestural forms.

13:30 - Wendy Lawrence

My work is inspired by natural form and texture. I will be demonstrating  hand-building techniques including slabbing and gouging out solid forms, then carving a variety of textures and surfaces.

15:30 - Jane Cox

From Town to Country – A Potters Journey
CPA Fellow and Past Master of The Art Workers Guild will talk about her work and early influences ( Caiger Smith, Peggy Angus and Eric Ravilious)and discuss her move from London to the Ilse of Wight. She will also discuss her recent role as Master of The Art Workers Guild and helping organise”The Art of Making”,the annual Guild event for London Craft Week.
Jane Cox’s signature ceramics combine elegant shapes with wild emerald blues, turquoises and speckle glazes inspired by the Island’s shoreline. She will also show examples of some more recent hand built experimental pieces as well as items from her popular black and white monochrome designs commissioned by the British Library.

Sunday 10 March

11:30 - Jenny Morten

Many years ago I saw a film by Michael Cardew at Abuja in Nigeria of the potter Ladi Kwali making a large coil pot.

She had what looked like a snake wrapped around her left arm which she was adding to the pot. It was in fact a coil of clay. After thumbing down she then proceeded to pinch the coil upwards into a thin wall 20 cms high.

I was inspired to teach myself this method of hand building which I shall demonstrate at the YCF.

13:15- Tom Knowles Jackson

Tom will be demonstrating how he throws one of his giant serving platters on the wheel.  These pots are made in two parts with a total weight of 20lbs and are thrown on large bats.

14.45 - Ben Davies

An introduction to my use of pattern (using coloured clay) in hand building
My demo/talk will give some background to how I came to be making the work I do – my sources of inspiration and the techniques and ideas I have developed during this continuing journey.
I will focus on my particular take on traditional nerikomi/neriage techniques.  My demonstration will use a variety of different coloured clays and prepared ‘sandwiches’ of coloured layers to illustrate the way that alteration to the layers 3 dimensionally, followed by slicing, reveals a variety of pattern.
I will conclude by discussing and illustrating how I incorporate these patterns into my vessels using a variety of hand building techniques.